+31(0)13 57 17 204 Mon - Fri 09:00 - 17:00 Aphroditestraat 85, 5047 TW Tilburg, The Netherlands
+31(0)13 57 17 204 Mon - Fri 09:00 - 17:00 Aphroditestraat 85, 5047 TW Tilburg, The Netherlands
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About Makesafe International
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About Makesafe International

Makesafe International brings together customers and products In the Pest Control Industry.
On our platform you will find:

  • Internationally recognized and known brands and products for pest control
  • A large network of Master Distributors in the Pest Control Industry

Makesafe International finds new markets and facilitates distribution. You will benefit from our network.

Mission statement
Makesafe International is a reliable platform and the efficient link between producers and distributors in the pest control market.

Do you want a introduction of your product?
Innovative products are often a result of field operators working on a specific pest control problem. The PCO create a solution that has the potential to be used in Europe. He wants to export the product to new markets and will be faced with a lot of questions, about, for example, regulations, consumer laws and communication. Every customer prefers to communicate in their own trusted language. How do you solve this?

Export and international logistics
The producer is faced with geographical and logistical issues. How does he arrange transportation, how does he get the products through customs? What is the safest and cheapest way to transport to a specific country? How does he reach out to partners on other continents? What are the needs and conditions of a particular new customer?

Marketing and image
Marketing issues will arise. How do I establish a relationship that can guarantee a full exposure for their products in these areas? How much do I need to invest in marketing? What support can I offer my new customer? How can I build a new customer relationship and maintain it for the future?

Distribution and marketing
Your questions about the introduction, communication, logistics and distribution of your product can be answered by Makesafe International, using our considerable experience. Makesafe International guarantees an immediate introduction of your product through our existing network of master distributors. Your product will become part of a range of recognized and known brands. Our marketing program will assure maximum exposure and a positive image with your new customer.


B-to-B partners

Our partners create and develop their products with an extensive knowledge of pest control. Makesafe International offers an international B-to-B- platform for these products and brings together developers and distributors.

Are you a developer or distributor and interested in coöperation?

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