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Makesafe – Dotz

Professional platform for gel bait application
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Makesafe - Dotz

A polymer platform onto which gel baits can be applied, without leaving any residues when removed. The only, and most professional, way to apply insect gel bait.

Professional platform for gel bait application

Traditional Bait Gels:

  • leave unsightly globs of bait.
  • are difficult to identify where baits placed previously
  • are inadvertently cleaned away by clients
  • have an unprofessional perception by customers
  • lead to over-application of treatment
  • make it difficult to monitor bait consumption
  • lose moisture into applied surfaces

What are MakeSafe™ Dotz™?
MakeSafe DOTZ are a patented professional polymer platform onto which ANT or COCKROACH gel baits are applied. MakeSafe DOTZ incorporates a technology that allows them to be attached to flat smooth surfaces without tearing or leaving any residues when removed.

Suction technology:
The first thing you will notice is that: they don’t use glue to make MakeSafe DOTZ adhere to surfaces. If glue was used this would make MakeSafe DOTZ permanent and difficult to remove/cleanup. MakeSafe DOTZ innovative technology uses hundreds of miniature suction caps.  In this way the product is easily removed without leaving any stains or residues – EVER!

Special features of MakeSafe™ Dotz™:

Tough construction
MakeSafe DOTZ are made from a tear resistant polymer material. They won’t tear, stain or leave any visible residues – EVER! This means pest management professionals can use MakeSafe DOTZ with confidence knowing that they won’t ever damage the surface they are applied to.

Quick Identification
MakeSafe DOTZ allows quick visual location and identification of where gel baits have been applied by the easily recognised bright yellow platform. This means that repeat visits by pest management professionals will allow quick identification of treated zones.

Prevention of moisture loss
The polymer construction of the MakeSafe DOTZ platform prevents moisture loss from gel baits into the treated surface – they create a moisture loss barrier between the gel and the surface below. This enhances bait attractiveness and longevity.

Five millimetre ready reckoner
Located at the centre of the MakeSafe DOTZ is a 5mm ring for use as a guide to bait dot size application. Current bait gels on the market give bait size indications for optimal treatment size. This helps pest management professionals to not over apply treatments.

Fluorescent ring locator
Each MakeSafe DOTZ has an invisible fluorescent locator ring which only becomes visible when exposed to ultraviolet light from a black light torch. This allows MakeSafe DOTZ to be easily located in dark locations under kitchen sinks and other hidden locations.

Bait consumption monitor
MakeSafe DOTZ provides an accurate platform from which to monitor bait consumption. Either the home owner or the pest controller can monitor the consumption of bait quickly and accurately from the platform. This means bait can be replaced quickly and effectively (as a charged service call) as it is consumed by insect pests. MakeSafe DOTZ can be written on with a standard ball point pen if required to record placement number and date of treatment prior to bait application.

Professional presentation
MakeSafe DOTZ provides a professional platform to present gel baits without leaving unsightly or messy deposits. MakeSafe DOTZ are a very cost effective and efficient way to present gel baitsUse once and throw away. Finally a professional way to present gel baits without leaving unsightly marks.

Pest treatment in progress
MakeSafe DOTZ are a visual identification to consumers that an insect gel baiting treatment is in progress. ‘DO NOT REMOVE’ identifies to consumers that the bait should not be interfered with. The MakeSafe DOTZ platform is a signal to consumers that the gel is in fact deliberate and not some inadvertent kitchen waste.

How are they packaged?
MakeSafe DOTZ come in convenient packs of 240 platforms

Private label

Makesafe – Dotz is also available as a private label. 50% of our products are sold under private labels. The product or packaging can carry your own label. If you would like to receive larger quantities, please contact us to discuss the options for private labelling.


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