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Instant access to the world where pests live and breed.
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Baitsafe® – A revolutionary rodent station that offers instant access to cavities and areas where rodents live and breed. Baitsafe® can be installed in ceilings, walls, eaves, between floors and more.

Baitsafe®: safe, hygienic and fast

As we know, all sorts of pests can enter homes or property, from small ants to large rats. Each one has to be dealt with in its own specific way, so it stands to reason that pest control products are many and varied. It is also a fact that most of those pests are located in hard to reach areas, and their treatment at times may put people and property at risk. 

BaitSafe® provides a solution on how to access those areas safely for inspection, monitoring and treatment.

BaitSafe® is a universal applicator for most pest control products on the market today, providing a window into the pest world through which various treatments can be applied, such as: paste and active baits for rodents, monitoring, gels and dusts for insects, glue boards for insect monitoring and identification.

BaitSafe® can be installed in walls, ceilings and ceiling tiles, flat roofed areas, eaves and soffits, in sub floors between levels, and cupboard bases just to name a few, allowing pest controllers to inspect or treat the pests directly into areas where rodents live and breed

Once installed, BaitSafe® is very simple and safe to operate, with service times typically lasting around 30 seconds. Using the key, pest controllers can quickly access the station, check for evidence of pests and treat accordingly. Unlike conventional methods where entering confined spaces for treatment and monitoring is required, once the BaitSafe® units are installed into ceilings, no ladders are required. Instead pest controllers can simply screw  the key onto the end of a standard extension or paint pole to open the unit from floor level, therefore reducing service time, simplifying the maintenance process and removing ‘working at height’ issues. 

Besides the actual design advantages of BaitSafe®,  the opportunities with using the  BaitSafe® product are superior  to other products in the market place. What are some of the key benefits the product brings? 

  • The ability to treat for rodents and insects, within public places, safely and cleanly.
  • The ability to enter “their world through BaitSafe®s window“ and to take the fight to them, rather than wait for them to come to us.
  • The ability to perform pest control in establishments that have never allowed treatment before, such as Schools, Age Care facilities, Child Minding Centres, Universities, Sports Stadiums; the applications are endless.
  • The ability to treat within building voids such as Restaurant booths, cupboard bottoms and external wall voids, without pulling the structures apart
  • The ability to safely inspect and monitor wet areas for termites and to treat if required.
  • Significantly reduced service times; you or your/a technician can inspect and check in less than 30 seconds. More jobs can be undertaken in the one day thus increasing productivity.
  • Less disruption to clients. No need to bring bulky ladders onto the premises.
  • Numerous applications and locations, in which the product can be installed.
  • A variety of ways that BaitSafe® can be used through the one installation i.e., a monitoring station both for rodents and insects today, an inspection point tomorrow, and a unit to dust through next week.

BaitSafe®’s award achievements have been astounding: the first product to be dual Certified by HACCP for the Food Industry to treat for Rodents and Crawling insects; a Non-Food Innovation Award Winner FOR 2012; a winner of the  Australian & International Design Award for 2013 and a finalist in the UK 2013 Pest Magazine Best Product of the Year Awards.

BaitSafe®‘s applications are extremely diverse and still growing. BaitSafe® can be used in a number of diverse locations to identify and treat for a variety of pests such as rats, mice, bed bugs, scorpions, flying insects, moths, cockroaches, silverfish, stink bugs, hornets and yellow jackets. 

BaitSafe® enables now for the treatment of rodents and insects within areas that have previously been difficult or inaccessible in the past. BaitSafe® now opens up a whole new market for the Professional Pest Control Industry to address and build upon. Some examples of those locations are listed below.

  • Domestic households
  • Healthcare applications
  • Commercial kitchens
  • Non food manufacturing
  • Sport/leisure venues
  • Educational sites i.e. kindergartens, schools, universities
  • Holiday houses, club rooms, scout halls
  • Racecourses
  • And many more

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