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Mouseshield; a paste consisting of vegetable oils, fillers and polystyrene beads which can be applied to fill holes and crevices to deny access to rodents. Makesafe International supplies 2 types of Mouseshield; the Classic and the Metal Detectable version.

Mouse Shield is a gap filler that is fast to apply and is also known as a pest-repellent mastic that once in place blocks access for vermin.  The unique soft core ensures that vermin are repelled as soon as they gnaw through the outer layer of material

Pests such as rodents and insects occur everywhere. Mice and rats in particular are true masters at gaining access to areas where potential meals are stored. Rodents have a natural tendency to sharpen their front teeth constantly on items such as woodwork, plumbing and electrical wiring. 

Mouse Shield stops this gnawing behavior. When the mouse, rat or wasp, for example, reaches the soft core as it gnaws, it is deterred from continuing.

The gap filler is easy to use in existing or new buildings. Although you would not expect them in a new building, unwanted openings are often found; think of ducts for cables, in walls (cavity walls), connections for plumbing or in suspended ceilings.

The gap filler is suitable for sealing holes, cracks and seams, joints and expansion joints, settlement cracks and sewer connections.  Openings can vary between 5 mm and 10 cm in diameter. Because the gap filler conforms directly to the opening, the shape and finish of the opening is not relevant, provided the surface is dry and clean. The gap filler adheres well to concrete, stucco, masonry, dry wall, plastics (such as trespa), metal and wood. 

It is very easy to use the mastic. A 300 ml Mouse Shield cartridge is inserted in a caulking gun. The opening is then sealed tight with the material in the gun. Take a look at the video above which shows in detail how to use the product. Note: the layer of mastic should always be thicker than 10 mm in order to create a soft core.

Mouse Shield is fast to apply for protection against rodents and insects. The 300ml cartridge fits standard caulking guns. The mastic can be applied immediately after the nozzle has been cut off. A hard outer layer gradually forms on the mastic but the barrier is active immediately. If it nibbles at a sealed opening, the mouse or rat will be deterred almost immediately by the composition of the mastic on the surface or underlying layer.

Mouse Shield is 100% non-toxic and contains natural fibres and oils. The strength of the product lies not in killing the vermin but in blocking their access. Because the gap filler is non-toxic, it is ideal for use in the food industry or areas where food products are stored or processed. Due in part to IPM (Integrated Pest Management), there is a constant search for preventive measures that can be taken to keep mice and rats out of buildings. Working within the IPM and HACCP systems, Mouse Shield is an excellent solution for protection against vermin. 

After formation of the hard (oxygen-excluding) outer sealing layer, the mastic is completely water-resistant and has a life expectancy of 8 to 10 years. Even dirt will scarcely, if at all, adhere to the surface,. This makes the mastic ideal for inside or outside use. Mouse Shield can be used in environments with temperatures between -50° and + 90°C

Mouse Shield forms an impenetrable barrier against vermin and retains its properties over an extended period. Because it is non-toxic and contains natural fibres and oils, it is both extremely durable and environmentally-friendly. By using this gap filler, you will not need to make any alterations to the building, thus saving on other materials. The use of this repellent mastic reduces the need to use toxic substances that are dangerous to the environment and to animals.

The best known method for coping with vermin is to use pesticides such as poisons. Because this often does not solve the problem, and is certainly not animal-friendly, an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) policy for pest control has an important role to play. The IPM approach does not control the symptoms (kill vermin) but actually solves the problem (removes the cause). Mouse Shield repellent mastic ensures that mice, rats and insects cannot reach potential food sources and remain away from the area involved.

Mouseshield Classic

Mouseshield Professional

Stainless steel metal particles
Mouseshield Metal Detectable is equipped with minuscule stainless steel metal particles that are completely incorporated into the paste. This makes the product more difficult to penetrate for pests. Where previously a metal scourer or stainless steel reinforcing mesh was used as an extra barrier, the barrier can now be easily made with a paste.

A metal detector will be able to find these particles. Therefore it can very well be used in food processing companies.

Private Lavel

The pest-repellent mastic is also available as a private label. 50% of our products are sold under private labels. The mastic cartridge carries your own label, while the order packaging and boxes can be supplied labelled or unlabelled to suit. If you would like to receive larger quantities, please contact us to discuss the options for private labeling.


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